Thursday, January 31, 2008

Do some brides take their wedding too seriously?

Why do women get so crazy over their wedding? I realize it's ingrained into their heads from an early age to have a big wedding, but is it too much sometimes? Seems like that to me. Some women hinge their entire life around it! Problem is, what comes after that? Is it all down hill? To me, it should be the beginning of a long happy life have the ceremony, say your vows, celebrate and then chill on your honeymoon. Are some brides and grooms setting themselves up to fail?

When I got married last year, my wife was consumed by our wedding. I knew how important it was to her, so I stayed out of the decision making process. She was like a mad woman! It was all wedding, all day. Not sure how we got anything else besides wedding planning done, but we did. I definitely had to pick up some slack, which was fine. Thankfully, even though she was consumed, she still is a great girl and everything went fine. I've heard some horror stories, though. If you have any, please post! Wedding horror stories are always welcome!