Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Buying gifts for your wedding party

In most cases, all wedding decisions or tasks are handled by the bride, which in most guy's minds is a good thing. But there's one thing the groom can't bow out of and that's buying gifts for his wedding party. Whether it's groomsmen gifts, ring bearer gifts, or something for the best man, you need to buy something...anything!

So, where to go? There are many places on the web, and here are a few...If you're looking to buy personalized wedding party gifts online check out Groomsday.com. They cater to grooms buying gifts and know what guys are looking for. Another place that sells gifts from a large network of stores is gifts.com. They basically are a go between for gift stores, but the stores are usually quality sites...including Red Envelope, which has more upscale gifts.

One really interesting idea for a gift is buying a framed share of stock. OneShare.com sells these online and they have a pretty large selection of stocks to buy. From Harley Davidson to Coca-Cola, you should be able to find something that best matches the guys you're buying for. I personally know someone who is doing this and when they told me I thought it was a great idea!