Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Groomsmen Gifts: A typical scenario, one week before a wedding

Monday: Bride asks Groom if he's purchased the gifts for his best man, groomsmen, wedding party, etc., etc., for the rehearsal dinner on Thursday, which precedes the wedding on Saturday. Groom replies with a blank stare, "What gifts?". Bride's heart skips a beat and contemplates hurling the closest sharp object she can find at Groom. Bride composes herself and gives brief lecture on wedding etiquette. Then proceeds to tell Groom to have the gifts there by Thursday and walks away. Groom, is left standing there with an even more puzzled look, asking himself "what just happened?", but more importantly, "where the hell do I get groomsmen gifts...and in three days?". The answer to that question, Groom, is at Good luck, my boy!

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