Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Green Weddings: A New Trend?

One of the latest wedding trends is having a green wedding, or eco-friendly. This can entail anything from having a local caterer who uses local ingredients to using earth friendly fabrics in the wedding party, like organic cottons or silk. On one hands it seems like overkill, since what is really being saved? If you really want to go green, you should probably just not have a wedding! All the gas mileage spent by guests traveling to the venue alone would add to the "carbon footprint". And who could really calculate the amount of energy used to make all the elements that go into a wedding, favors, food, lines, etc.?

Having a green wedding is definitely a nice idea, but in terms of actually helping the environment, there may be better ways on a daily basis to do that.

* One way to go green, would be to buy eco-friendly favors, such as a donation to a local tree or produce farm.