Friday, August 6, 2010

Choose Monogram Cake Toppers To Celebrate The Happy Couple's New Name

Monogram cake toppers are all the rage when it comes to cake decorations. Designed to show off the initials of the wedding couple, they are a timeless and beautiful keepsake from your most special day. These cake toppers can be found in every shape, size, color and font imaginable. They are also available in a huge range of prices, depending on the materials and size you choose.

Monograms can be designed with one, two, or three initials as the focus. In the case of one initial, the initial is usually the first initial of the groom’s last name, the name the bride will be taking once married. For the two initial designs, the first initial of the bride and groom’s first names or the first initial of the bride and groom’s last names can be used. Most popular in the two initial designs is the use of the first initial of their first names. With the three initial monogram designs, the middle initial is the largest of the three and represents the first initial of the groom’s last name, with the first initial of the bride’s and groom’s first names on either side of the center initial. All of these designs make for a beautiful cake topper.

You can purchase these cake toppers in every possible material and color imaginable. From etched Swarovski crystal to sandblasted glass, there is a monogram topper for you. There are also terrific monogram choices which are available in acrylic and metal, too. Because of the availability of digital media, every font and color can be used to make a spectacular cake topper that is unique to you as a couple.

Monogram cake toppers are a great way to customize either an elaborately decorated or simply decorated wedding cake. They range in price from as low as $25 on upwards into the hundreds of dollars. There are many vendors and cake top suppliers online and locally, who carry these spectacular decorations and, they are all waiting to customize one just for you. Your cake topper is one of those things from your wedding day which, often times, gets a cherished place to be displayed in your home following the wedding. Why not make it as unique as your monogram as a couple?

This article was written exclusively for Groomsday by Chloe Wilson whose Wedding Supplies website offers advice to those about to get married on all of the bits and bobs they do not want to forget. She talks about popular themes such as beach weddings as well as individual items including monogram cake toppers and much more.

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