Sunday, October 31, 2010

5 Ways A Wedding Song Can Help You Get A Date

Music can express different emotions. Whatever songs you sing, may it be popular, love, or even wedding songs, as long as you sing from the heart, you will definitely earn the admirationof many.

Do you know that a wedding song can help you get a date? How? Here are 5 easy steps on how wedding songs can lead you to the one you’ll love.
  1. By being a wedding singer, you will be easily noticed by the guests as you perform. Usually, great singers and performers are always the center of attraction especially if they have magnificent voices. If you are planning to get a date and you have a beautiful song, why not volunteer as your relative’s of friend’s wedding singer?
  2. You can pick a date by being a band member in a group performer. Wedding songs are not only sung solo but sometimes there are bands being hired to sing the love songs. If you are good in playing musical instruments, that is a great factor to attract girls. You may not be the limelight by being the vocalist but you can still get the appreciation of many once you know how to play flute, guitar, saxophone, etc. in a wedding reception.
  3. Wedding song is best used if sung or played. But what if you are not a singer and music is not your line of thing? Don’t despair because you can still get a date. The best thing to do is to look into the lyrics of the wedding songs and get ideas on how to write your own love notes to the one you admire. Wedding songs are known to be very romantic so there are lines that might help you in expressing how you feel towards tour date.
  4. A wedding song can be very helpful especially if the person you want to date sings at weddings. This time, it’s the other way around. Your future date is a wedding singer so every time you know someone who will get married, hire that wedding singer to perform. Through series of invitations, you can be closer to her and can develop lasting friendship. Once you know each other well, you can already ask her for a date, just the two of you without the presence of the wedding entourage, of course!
  5. This may be unusual but sometimes, things can happen unexpectedly. A wedding song can be an instrument of a true love. Example, you are in a record bar looking into CDs of wedding songs. Somebody offered help in choosing the best cd. When you lift your head, that somebody is the customer service manager whom you have always admired and wanted to date. Now, this is your chance to approach her. Ask her if she is free and you can discuss over lunch or dinner the best wedding song collections they sell. If she agrees then you can enjoy each other’s company and have another time to be together again. Thanks to wedding songs!
Every opportunity comes at the perfect time. Even a wedding song can become a great instrument for you to get a date. All you need is a perfect timing, a perfect approach, and a perfect melody.

This article is written by Kelly of Favors By Serendipity which sells wedding favors for all seasons – from summer to winter, all venues far and wide, and from richest and soon to be famous couples.


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