Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Don't forget the groomsmen gifts

It’s easy sometimes to forget that the wedding has anything to do with you. Your bride, as beautiful as she is, talks about nothing but flowers, dresses, and canapes. Have you ever even had a canape?

Next to picking your team of best man and groomsmen, you don’t have that much to do - or do you? These guys are going to stand with you on one of the biggest days of your life, and you need an awesome way to say thanks. The best way is by getting cool groomsmen gifts.

Cool groomsmen gifts are something your boys can use, but something so unique they’ll never forget your big day. Here are some ideas to help you pick the best groomsmen gifts for your best men.

If there’s one thing better than a cold beer on a hot day, it’s a flaming BBQ. Our personalized BBQ branding iron will let your best man put his stamp on every steak he grills. The brand has space for three initials and comes with a wooden storage box. As an added bonus, he’ll probably remember to call you next time he’s lighting the grill.

Another one of our best groomsmen gifts is the personalized silver pocket watch. Nothing says style like a guy in a suit slipping out a pocket watch to check the time. Hand them out before the bachelor party really gets going as a reminder to be on time tomorrow or face your bride’s wrath (not to mention your mother-in-law.)

On the list of useful groomsmen gifts, the hip flask is high up. It’s a shot of liquid courage just before you walk down the aisle, and handy for the groomsman whose dance card is too full for a trip to the bar during the reception. This flask has a see-thru window so he knows when it’s time for a refill.

You know your groomsmen better than anyone else. They’re your boys, your brothers, the guys with all of the terrible stories about you. Think about what kind of groomsmen gifts would suit them best, and make sure they’re personalized for that extra touch of class.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Why you need an MC at your reception

Having an MC at your wedding reception might seem like a weird little custom, but the MC is essential to the flow of the whole shindig.

The role of the Master of Ceremonies originated with the Catholic Church back in the 400s. He was responsible for making sure rituals involving the Pope ran smoothly and ensuring the building was protected during the mass.

It’s pretty much the same today, but the Pope probably won’t be at your reception. The modern MC’s job is keeping everyone on point. Though their word mastery, you and the guests will know what’s going on, when and why.

Your guests will first hear from the MC when you enter the reception and are announced as Mr. and Mrs. for the first time. This is a pretty big deal, so you want someone who can get up there an really sell it to get the crowd all fired up for the long night ahead.

Choose an MC who is comfortable in front of a crowd, and knows a plenty of the people at your wedding. Also, those this might seem simple, but pick someone who knows both of you. There’s nothing worse than listening to endless stories about the groom’s high school years. It’s also handy to make list of out-of-bounds stories so you don’t end up looking like a jerk in front of your new family.

Sure, all of your friends are cool, but some of them just shouldn’t be MCs. When you’re making your short list picture the first story each person on your list will tell about you. If you cringe, slash them off the list. Chose an MC who can blend funny, interesting and a few “Aww” stories to keep everyone engaged.

At most wedding receptions, the MC keeps tabs on the catering staff to let your hungry guests know when they might get some grub, or when the line at the buffet is safe for seconds. People can deal with delays if they know there’s hope in sight.

Another of the MC’s duties is announcing everyone who will be speaking at the reception. This serves two purposes: the obvious, to call the person up to speak; and the not so obvious, to give your chatting guests a heads up to wrap up their conversations and prepare to listen.

Once the wedding starts you’ll rely on other people to tell you where to go, what to do and when to do it. From the best man to your new bride you’ll all be herded like cattle for most of the day. The MC is just one more person to keep you on track. He’ll tell you when it’s time to say thanks to the guest, take your first dance, and cut the cake. Touch base with him before you leave the reception so he can tell your guests to grab their rice.

Above all, don’t forget to thank your MC. You won’t know what a big job he has until the reception is over and you realize it all went down without a hitch. Don’t forget to say thanks with a great wedding gift.

[Photo by CJ Sorg - Used under Creative Commons licence 2.0]

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mmmm...Barbecue Cake!

Now those are some cake skills!

Mmmm...Barbecue Cake!

Now those are some cake skills!