Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuscan Wedding Accommodation and Tips

Millions of people dream Tuscany to be the setting for their wedding.
With its landscapes rich of vineyards, rolling hills, breathtaking
villas and Tuscany apartments in the tranquil countryside, the reason
is easily seen. If to that one adds the historical magnificence and
splendor of Florence it becomes enough to make even an experienced
wedding planner as happy as a child.
There is some essential information that will make your Tuscan wedding
planning process easier. This is just an essential guideline, but will
give you the right head start.

The right time
From April until the end of September in Tuscany it is tourist season.
It is no chance that this corresponds to great weather all over the
region. Therefore this is also the best time for those planning to
have an outdoor wedding. However, the best suggestion here is to get
to Tuscany at the beginning of the nice season when there is less
tourist affluence, prices are lower and the weather is great. Any time
between the end of April and mid June should be fine.

The right place
For high budget weddings there is no better location than the Grand
Hotel in Florence. You will find yourself in an 18th century palace
converted into a luxury hotel, the favorite of the richest and most
famous in the world. For a fairytale wedding the breathtaking ballroom
is the height of felicity, and you will remember it forever.
If your budget is lower you may find useful to try at the Casale La
Piazza Chianti. It is an Eleventh century farm house nestled in the
Tuscan countryside. It accommodates many guests at a pinch with its
twenty double rooms. It features a splendid panoramic swimming pool
area, while the estate is completely surrounded by the world known
Tuscan countryside. The staff is very accustomed to weddings, which
are often accommodated and catered here. Ask them to attend all your

Before you leave home
No matter how low your budget may be, weddings bear quite a steep
cost. Therefore one of the best things you should do to protect your
money is to insure your wedding before leaving home. There are travel
insurers that do cover wedding expenses. This is a very practical
advice that, if anything goes terribly wrong, will allow you to claim
your money and save your marriage.

There also is a set of miscellaneous advices that you should take into

The usual Italian procedure is to be married by a Catholic priest,
which will also validate your marriage legally. Any other priest or
ceremony will not do. Therefore you will need to be married before the
Italian mayor first. This is a very quick procedure that may involve
no ceremony at all. By law you will also need to have a translator
present if an Italian priest conducts the ceremony.
It is extremely important to have all the documents for your wedding
ready before you leave your country. It is best practice to check with
the Italian consulate nearest to you as the number and nature of
documents vary in time. Also do get informed with a several months
advance, as some documents may take a long time to become available.

Matt Kachinkski lives and works off of Tuscany, which he travels and
experiences throughout the year. He is a writer for several Internet
travel resources, for which provides advice on Tuscany apartments, private villas,
restaurants and best places to visit.