Friday, March 11, 2011

The Perfect Gift: Personalized Chocolate Bars!

Chocolate and caramel. Awesome. Chocolate and pecans. Also awesome. Chocolate and orange pepper? Chocolate and jalapenos? Potentially very awesome but I’ll let you try them first. Literally billions of unique and delicious combinations of flavors are offered by the first ever design-your-own online personalized chocolate bar company,

Originally launched in Germany in 2008 as chocri, the once small operation has since expanded from the continent to the US. Their acclaimed chocolate and innovative flavors have popped up in premium magazines such as GQ, Shape, Self, InStyle, Maxim and Cosmopolitan. Not only is the world in love with chocri, everyone can indulge in their chocolate guilt-free. Each eco-friendly bar is made with organic, vegan, kosher, Fair Trade Belgian chocolate. Despite their wildfire success, the founders proudly maintain the intimacy of the small business experience by forging relationships with their customers. After all, they get to know you pretty well when you repeatedly order white chocolate with wasabi peanuts, gold flakes and sprinkles.

Ordering from is genius for weddings! Each chocolate bar can be customized so every person on your gift list can know exactly what you think of them, I mean (ahem), how well you know and care for them. There are four base options-- white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and a special combination of white and milk chocolate. From there you can add on a combination of fruits, spices, nuts, and miscellaneous toppings ranging from the expected (bourbon vanilla?) to the unexpected (cayenne pepper?). You can also browse their recommended creations and see recent and popular orders.

If you’re still looking for the perfect groomsmen gifts, perhaps consider the Anti Hangover Chocolate Bar. Yes, it exists. Believers swear it is the perfect antidote to bachelor party shenanigans. This wonder bar with a base of milk chocolate boasts a remedy recipe of ginger, banana chips, ground coffee beans and sea salt. With so many possible combinations and extraordinary ingredients, is fascinating to explore and too mouth-watering to ignore.

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  1. Wow, the absolute perfection that is chocolate... One just can't go wrong with these treats.

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