Friday, April 15, 2011

Top 5 Foodie Groomsmen Gifts

Guys, there are a lot of bad groomsmen gifts out there. Shaving products. Sports caps. Scented candles. Cufflinks. Yet another deck of cards. Don’t be the groom to give these terrible gifts to your buddies.

Instead, give them something they can use. How can you be sure? Give them something they’ll eat. The gift of food says, “Hey, I know you don’t want throw-away gifts, and I know you’re a dude with a healthy appetite, so enjoy this awesome food.”

The average groom spends about 50 bucks on each of his groomsmen for gifts, so make it worth the cash. Check out these five foodie gifts for the hungry man at your wedding.

1) SlantShack Beef Jerky Gifts. SlantShack makes all-natural jerky made to satisfy the hungriest meat-eaters, and their gifts packs make for one excellent groomsmen gift. For just 30 bucks, the “Perfect Gift” package includes three different flavors of wild and beefy jerky.
2) Mr. Beer Premium Edition Beer Kit. That’s right, mate, your groomsmen will go home well-equipped to make their own beer. It’s a gift they’ll love to toy around with before poker night, and with any luck, a gift you’ll reap the benefits of, as well. At just $41.95, you’ll be giving your buddies the gift of DIY beer.
3) Bacon is Meat Candy Sampler Pack. Is it candy, or bacon? It’s bacon—candied. Coming from the meat-obsessed Bacon Freaks, this shipped gift will arrive at your groomsmen doorstep delivering bacon candy and smiles (plus, maybe a little heartburn). At a higher ticket price of $69.95 per pack, it’s well worth the cost.
4) Personalized Flask and Zippo Set. This really needs no explanation. Typically, engraved gifts are left to the “throw-away” category, but if we’re engraving booze flasks and killer lighters, they get bumped up to the “Keep forever” category. At $49.99 a pop, you’re right on budget.
5) Tiffany Classic Beer Mug. Finally, something from Tiffany & Co. that’s made for the guys. Each hand-blown crystal beer mug fits 16 ounces of your fave beer, and they’re a deal at $35 apiece. Just don’t cheers your glasses too hard, guys.

Kim S, writer
Photo: Bacon Freak


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