Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Swimming In Beer Is Good For You

Could there be anything better than a true-life pool of beer? Probably not, but apparently it's actually good for you, as in healthy. I'm guessing that anyone who swims in a pool of beer will consume at least some of it, and they're going to 'feel better'. So whether the health benefits are actual or perceived, it's still pretty damn amazing to actually float around in a sea of fuzzy goodness.

Two questions immediately come to mind when I read this, though: 1.) Is the beer cold? 'Cause shivering in a pool of beer might not be the most fun thing in the world. Plus any guy with shrinkage concerns may have an issue. 2.) Isn't it going to be a little sticky? Maybe so, but hell, it's still a pool of beer and it's got to be all good.

Here's a link to the "Beer Myth Resort" in Austria. Love the way they add the word 'myth' in there.


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