Friday, July 15, 2011

What Would You Grab If Your House Was Burning Down?

There's a great article from that I had to post about. It poses the question of "what five to ten things would you bring with you if your house were burning down"? It's a question I occasionally think about, but never want to actually experience.

The article gives you ideas of potential items around the house you'd scramble for by adding some really cool photos. While they omit 'live' things like pets or wives, they do include some essentials - like your laptop, a bottle of gin, shades(gotta look cool when you casually walk out of that blaze-of-a-house you once resided in with the mac and bottle of gin), etc.

I Tweeted that I'd jokingly go for those aforementioned items, but most likely I'd be screaming like a little girly-mahn jumping over the pets and wives to jump out the nearest long as it was on the ground floor, of course.


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