Wednesday, September 21, 2011

4 Great Destination Wedding Locations

Getting married is such an important event in your life there is little that gets overlooked. That's why some couples choose to get married at a romantic and fun destination. It's an easy to have a honeymoon and fun wedding and is sure to give you a lifetime of fond memories.

And not only will you have a wonderful time with your soon to be bride, these locations also offer lots of fun activities for your groomsmen also. If you don't mind having your bachelor party close to the wedding date, you can have a killer bachelor party in paradise with your best buds.

Las Vegas

It goes without saying that if you want to have a glitzy and glamorous weddings that is packed with non-stop action and fun, Vegas is the place. There is plenty of nightlife for your friends and you while your bride to be treats herself to any of the hundreds of day spas around town. Everyone lets loose in Vegas so throw caution to the wind and have a wedding here.


If you had to pick a place that most resembles paradise, Fiji would be it. From the bluest waters anywhere one earth to white beaches, this country has it spades. You can have it all here - secluded romance with your lady and fun in the sun with your groomsmen. Who wouldn't want to spend a day on the ocean, fishing and drinking beers while sailing some of the best seas around? And of course your bride will be well taken care of with a resort setting, so what's not to love?


Like Fiji, Hawaii brings a tropical flair and ocean touch to all its visitors. But in Hawaii's favor it is easier to get to and has more amenities for all budgets. Your friends will definitely love hanging out with you or doing any number of outdoor activates here. Just watch out - few people can go to Hawaii just once!


And not to be outdone, Antigua is a strong contender for an excellent destination for your nuptials and to kick it with your groomsmen. With 365 beaches there is literally no reason to not spend the days soaking up the rays, boating, parasailing, and partying with everyone. Perfect for small groups where everyone gets along, this island nation in the Caribbean might be perfect for your day.

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