Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Men's Christmas Gift Ideas

It's almost that time of year again. Yes, it's Christmas time. Well, at least according our local shopping malls it is. I went to my local mall on Nov. 1st and the halls were decked to the gills with xmas decorations - even Santa's Village was in full effect with the man in red himself.

Yes, it's alarming that Christmas begins soooo early these days, but I guess businesses need it. I personally love Christmas, but only about a week of it. Two months is nutty, especially with the barrage of music, etc.

With the holiday season comes gift buying. Oy. And for men, that begins and ends on Christmas Eve. For many women, it's about that time now. So, let me point you to a sale we're having for personalized Christmas gifts for men. There's a good variety of gifts that should appeal to just about any guy's tastes. For example, there's a Rawlings baseball bat that can be engraved, which is pretty damn cool. Or how about this Nappa leather duffel bag for hinting a stint back at the gym after a solid holiday food binge. Personalized drum sticks make a nice stocking stuffer for the musician-type.

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