Friday, October 21, 2011

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian Divorced? Probably Not.

I have to admit to a little bit of self-gratifying hyperbole for the title of this post. Honestly, I have no idea if this is even remotely true, and this is totally based on today's article from the Daily Mail. 

Tabloid stories like this are not usually my cup of tea. I find it funny how one picture can start a whirlwind of rumors, noise or whatever. Maybe it's true. But just because a guy walks out of his house without his wedding ring, doesn't mean he's divorced. It simply means he walked out of his house without his wedding ring.

Case in point, my wife and I recently traveled to Turks & Caicos, which we loved BTW. I managed to lose my wedding ring in the beautiful white sandy beaches of Grace Bay within the first few hours (I partially blame the rum punches floated with extra rum which I started on before I even unpacked my luggage). So I walked around the entire rest of the vacation without my wedding ring (as an aside, my wife would occasionally not wear hers to match my non-ring wearing status, thinking it would potentially send a bad message or other times to punish me on some level). It didn't mean I wasn't married, or even not in love with my wife. I'm just an absent-minded bonehead - which is a trait I possibly share with Kris Humphries.

Hey, at least I might have something in common with a young, good-looking, talented, rich, pro basketball player...besides of course a beautiful wife!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Deals from Boston Wedding Vendors

I personally haven't seen a wedding-themed set of deals from any Groupon-esque companies, so this is a first and much-needed boost to stimulate the wedding biz going into the slow season. Brides and grooms in the local  Boston area can take advantage of a couple deals from Gilt City Boston. Check 'em out...

Boston Bridal Lounge is a local wedding planning company that seems to have their shit together. They have an offer for a deal on wedding planning at their boutique-style office in downtown Boston. Cool stuff. More for the brides, than grooms, but if you keep the bride happy, you keep yourself happy. 

Scratch Weddings - Is a national DJ company that offers 40% off a six hour DJ'ing event. Sweet!

M. Flynn Accessories - Get a deal on wedding jewelry...$75 Credit and $50 Gift Card. Here's the kicker for weddings...get an additional $200 credit toward a wedding band if you spend $200! Hey, might as well jump on that. 

Hillary Hogan Photography - Engagement and wedding photography from a talented local photopgraher..."60-minute engagement session with six prints and a bonus $500 credit toward wedding day photos." 

Make sure to READ THE FINE PRINT on any of these deals...just sayin'.