Wednesday, April 25, 2012

5 Gadgets that Help Grooms Prepare for the Big Day

It'll be the biggest day of your life, and all eyes are on you. Nothing can go wrong - with the average US wedding costing $27,021, according to Reuters, it'd be a catastrophe if it didn't go to plan. Luckily, there are a range of gadgets and apps that can make sure you get everything done, and save you from that famed Bridezilla fury...

1. iWedding - for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch This is a complete wedding binder, saved on your phone. Note down everything from who you have invited to each stage of the competition, who has confirmed, and everything you have left to do. There are preset lists containing everything you'd expect, including picking out the wedding dress, the typical fitting dates, picking the menu and reserving the photographer, or you can make your own. It's ideal for organizing stag nights, and making sure you've got everything your Bride-to-be will expect, from the ring to a cute wedding-day present.

2. Wedding Snaps - for iPhone, iPad or Online You are sure to want some reminders of your special day, and Wedding Snaps gives you access to them all in one place. Distribute the details to your guests, and any photographs will be automatically updated to your folder. It's your very own complete wedding album - and you can even set up a "real-time" presentation to watch them as they are uploaded. Just make sure the folder's private before uploading any racy honeymoon shots…

3. BRIDES Wedding Genius - for iPhone, Android Make your life easy by downloading this free app for your fiancé. It includes an area for uploading inspiration, recording details and allows you to note down your vows - and even shows you where to get items in your local area. More importantly, it will let your wife-to-be assign tasks to you, and your phone will remind you to complete them. Ideal for preventing pre-wedding arguments!

4. Personalized iPad Case - Give your iPad a sleek new look and woo your fiancé at the same time with a personalized iPad case. She's sure to love a wedding-related engraving, and the strong case will keep your gadget safe on the flight. If you haven't yet planned your honeymoon, check out Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Guide - an iPad app that will help you choose a honeymoon hotel in a number of top locations. There's amazing pictures, contact details and availability, so all you need to do is pay. Honeymoons made easy!

5. Deluxe Grooming Station - Start your wedding as you mean to go on - looking good. This grooming station comes with a variety of attachments for hair, facial hair and all over body usage, and is designed to be easy to use. Test it out a few weeks before the wedding, to make sure any mistakes aren't forever recorded in the wedding album, and then wow her with your pristine appearance when she's coming down the aisle.

Extra - Ultrabook The iPad isn’t the only computer device allowed to have any fun around here. Sometimes a tablet just won’t cut it. The Ultrabook laptop will give you the same lightweight ease, while providing a few more amenities. And when’s a better time for amenities than your wedding?! Now all you need to do is remember to turn up with the rings, and have a great night. You'll remember it forever!

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