Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dodging Bachelor Bullets

So there you are dodgy pellets of paint, laughing hysterically and wondering why you’ve never tried this before.

Every groom’s last days of freedom should be something to remember and choosing your best man can have a huge impact on your bachelor party. Not to mention the big day itself.

Picking your Best Man is a difficult task. You’ve worked through a (very) shortlist of those least likely to embarrass you on the day. Also you have to weigh up the considerations of who can not only give you a bachelor party to remember but also won’t give you one you wish you could forget. You don’t want to wake up 30 miles out in the Nevada Desert with “Big John Was Here” tattooed on your buttocks dressed in only your socks and a Burger King napkin.

But spare some thought for your Best Man too. It’s a difficult task, not only does he have to organise your last days of freedom with military precision, make sure you are prepared for the big day, not lose the rings, or let you lose your cool. He has to deliver that speech. The comedy roast that will delight but not offend all those attending your big day. That will entertain and inform every one of the crazy guy you were and the great husband you’re going to be. It’s a lot of pressure and he might need a little guidance.

You’re already struggling to keep your head above water just trying to keep the bride-to-be from meltdown every time a decision has to be made or supplier doesn’t meet her exacting demands so steer him in the direction of some considered and informed advice while you concentrate on keeping the bride calm collected and just this side of sane.

So the best advice we can give when picking your Best Man is to think of all your closest friends in a line up, which one do you think will make you laugh hardest during his speech? Who would you most want to turn to when the wedding plans are starting to go a little bit crazy? And who would you most want beside you when the paintball pellets start flying?

And if you do end up in Vegas for your bachelor party…. Keep an eye out for “Big John”.